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The 2D Visual Arts program, led by Mrs. Ronna Klionsky, provides students the opportunity to work with a wide array of techniques and media. While some students choose to achieve depth by pursuing advanced-level courses, others explore the gamut with an assortment of quarter-long Visual Art electives. In each course, Mrs. Klionsky strives to help students achieve confidence and a deeper understanding of the creative process by nurturing a strong work ethic and unique personal voice. Continue scrolling to learn more about each course.



Foundations of Art provides a small sample of many of the classes offered in the Visual Arts studio, as well as incorporating multi-cultural themes. In 9 weeks, students explore a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, printmaking, and building in three-dimensional artwork. There is no prerequisite for this course. This course serves as prerequisite for Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture.


A rigorous course devoted to strengthening hand-eye coordination, drawing from reality, and using various techniques such as shading, cross-hatching, stippling, and contour line. Students use a variety of materials and discover how math principles and tools can break an image down into basic elements that can be drawn easily. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Vocabulary Includes: Proportion, Scale, Contour Outline, Blending, Stippling (Pointillism), Hatching and Cross Hatching.


An intermediate course utilizing materials and techniques such as pastel and colored pencil drawing, pen and ink wash, gesture drawing and continued work in rendering from life. Using models and forms to execute compositions, students discover proper proportion, likenesses, and perspective. Math integration is continued.
Prerequisite: Drawing I with a C average or above. 

Vocabulary includes: Composition, Value, Balance, Emphasis, Form


Painting I is an exciting course in color theory and composition. Students learn to become more confident in mixing color, creating mood, distance and values in color. Materials include tempera and watercolor paints, pastels, and colored paper sources. There is no prerequisite for this course. 

Vocabulary includes: Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Colors. Harmonious, Complementary, and Monochromatic Color Schemes, Radial Symmetry


This is a challenging intermediate course in painting. Techniques and themes from art history provide motivation for expressions in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. This is an excellent course for the painter interested in taking the knowledge from Painting I and applying it by creating larger, more challenging works of art. Prerequisite: Painting I with a C average or above.

Vocabulary includes: Warm and Cool, Triadic, and Analogous Color Schemes in addition to Painting I terms.


Printmaking is an intermediate level class that focuses on creating a design on one surface and transferring it to another. It is an exploratory course using techniques such as stamping, rubbings, relief printing, silk screening, monotypes, and reduction printing. Each quarter this course will focus on three to four of these processes. Students will experiment with different painting surfaces and combine some images with written material. Students need to have taken Foundations of Art in order to qualify for Printmaking.

Vocabulary includes: Additive/Reduction printing, Commercial vs Fine Art print, Complementary and Harmonious Color Schemes.


This course uses many different approaches to working with fiber materials: yarn, thread, cloth, paper pulp, newspapers, and collage materials of all kinds. Weaving, cross stitching, and silk painting along with creating handmade paper are examples of studio projects created during this course. There is no prerequisite for this class.

Vocabulary includes: Embroidery, Cross-Stitch, Darning techniques, Balance, Composition, Positive vs. Negative Space


This is a semester long class offered to help prepare 8th grade students for the portfolio process in High School. Students will assess and critique while creating studio projects to show breadth of study. In addition to producing pieces, students work through Google Classroom and Wix/Weebly to create online portfolios. Last year, 18 Ligon students presented their portfolios at Enloe and Broughton and were exempted from Art I to take Advanced Honors Art during their freshman year. 
Prerequisite: Two Visual Art courses with an A average.  7th grade students with the prerequisites are welcome to enroll per approval by Mrs. Klionsky.

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